Alsahb Bn'ear

Explorer Fringer


Soak – 3
Wounds – 12
Strain – 13
Defense – 0

Brawn – 2
Agility – 2
Intellect – 2
Cunning – 3
Willpower – 2
Presence – 3

Astrogation +1
Charm +1
Cool +1
Negotiation +1
Streetwise +2
Survival +1
Ranged – Light +1
Lore (int.) +1
Outer Rim (int.) +1
Xenology (int.) +1

Encumberance – 3/7

Obligation – 10
Money – 0
XP – 0/100

Personal Gear
Hand Scanner

Weapons and Armor
BlasTec DL-18 Blaster Pistol – Ranged (Light), 5dmg, medium range, 4 crit, stun setting
Combat Knife – Melee, +1 dmg, engaged, 3 crit
Heavy Clothing +1 Soak

Street Smarts (Rank 1) – Remove one setback die per rank of street smarts or intelligence (underworld) checks


Male, 23, 5’10’’, Red Eyes, Olive Green complexion and lekku (duller than typical of aristocratic Twi’leks), lean and agile build

Relationship – Parents


Alsahb grew up in a life of relative privilege on Ryloth. From the time of his birth, his father served as councilor to one of the five leaders of the Citadel’s Head-clan. Unfortunately, while this position granted Alsahb’s family access to the elite class, he always felt like an observer. In his formative years, he attempted to gain acceptance through scholarship and athletic achievement. Despite unmatched success in both areas, he remained an outsider.

Shortly before graduation, Tindreth, the Head-clan member whom Alsahb’s father councilled, perished. Alsahb’s father was next in line, having served a leader who had no descendents. Without explanation, another Twi’lek was appointed Head-clan member. Despite his exceeding intellect, this puzzling and abrupt decision left Alsahb to look forward to a life of counselling leaders rather than becoming one.

The night before his apprenticeship under his father began, Alsahb’s beloved uncle took him out for celebratory drinks. After conciliatory exchanges, his uncle assumed a hushed tone. “Your father will never be a member of the Head-clan…and neither will you.”

“What do you mean?”

“If your father knew I was telling you this…I can’t say anymore…except answers are out there. In the Outer Realms. Here.” He slipped Alsahb a transit sequence decoder. “There’s a cargo ship leaving from the Commercial Hangar at 3400 hours. Find the truth.”

Five years later, Alsahb has developed the necessary skills and resources to ferret out secrets. Unfortunately, the galaxy is vast, and he has made little progress in finding the truth. Yet the whispers of his uncle echo in his mind as he unceasingly scours the galaxy for the truth about his family.

Alsahb Bn'ear

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